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D2.5 Infrastructure and Services v1.0


The ASPECT Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) combines the services of the ASPECT Service Center (ASC) to provide a platform in which existing and emerging standards and specifications are applied to enable the discovery, exchange and reuse of a diverse range of educational resources. Through this architecture, content providers can offer their learning resources to teachers, and teachers will be able to discover and use those resources.

This deliverable first gives an overview of the ASPECT infrastructure in section 2. Section 3 presents the services that are deployed in v1.0 of the infrastructure. Note that the ASPECT infrastructure is meant to evolve. This document represents the view of WP2 at the time of writing. For an up-to-date description the ASPECT architecture, please consult deliverable D.2.4 which is a “Wiki with material to support training and dissemination”.

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