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LRE WorkshopASPECT LRE Technical & Semantic Interoperability Workshop - Presentations available!
The European Schoolnet's Learning Resource Exchange and the ASPECT Best Practice Network organised a two-day workshop at the EUN Office in Brussels on 15 and 16 June 2010. Read here the agenda and download the presentations! Read more...
Newsletter ASPECT Newsletter 6 (May 2011)
> Goodbye ASPECT?
> Main Results and Achievements
> Recommendations and Best Practices
> Learning Resource Exchange Service Centre
> Impact and Sustainability

ASPECT Examples of ASPECT Results and Achievements
Read here some practical examples of ASPECT result, provided namely by the work packages 2, 3 and 5: Application Profile Registry, Vocabulary Manager and Working with IMS Common Cartridge. Read more...
Newsletter 2 ASPECT Newsletter 5 (March 2011)
> The Learning Technology Standards Observatory (LTSO) - Introduction
> Activity in ISO
> Standardisation Activities within CEN WS-LT and CEN TC 353
> IMS GLC Standardisation Activities
> Standardisation Activities within ADL
> Activity in IEEE LTSC

Newsletter 2 ASPECT Newsletter 4 (February 2011)
>Some Key ASPECT Findings
>New LRE Portal launched
>ASPECT Strategic Seminar on Educational Publishing Futures, 17-18 February 2011, Brussels
>Presentations from the ASPECT Metadata Plugfest
>Article: Vocabulary Bank for Education
>IMS Learning Object Discovery & Exchange CM/DN finalized during IMS meeting in Utrecht
Controlled Vocabularies Article: Vocabulary Bank for Education
The Vocabulary Management Group which developed the Vocabulary Bank for Education (VBE) as part of ASPECT had a successful dissemination event in London on 26 November 2010 to: raise awareness of the VBE and its associated services; encourage collaboration in the use of terminology services; and to demonstrate the latest leading-edge technologies. Read more...
ASPECT demo ASPECT video clip now available
The ASPECT partner, Young Digital Planet, has created this video to demonstrate some of the findings and results of the ASPECT network achieved so far. The clip tells about i.e. the importance of learning standards and ASPECT Integrated System. Read more...
Newsletter 2 ASPECT Newsletter 3
>Article: Lessons Learned by ASPECT content developers
>ASPECT Strategic Seminar on Educational Publishing Futures, 17-18 February 2011, Brussels
>ASPECT Plugfest, 18 January 2011, Brussels
>ASPECT at BETT 2011
>SE@M’10 Workshop proceedings published
>ASPECT Forum is open
>ASPECT Webinars
ASPECT Article: Lessons Learned by ASPECT content developers
As ASPECT comes to a close in February 2011, content providers have highlighted a number of issues related to the standards and specifications that have been investigated in the project. These include OAI-PMH, IEEE LOM and LRE MAP v.4, SCORM, IMS Common Cartridge and the IMS Question & Test Interoperability. It has been possible to identify a number of ‘lessons learned’ that can form the basis of best practices when implementing the above standards and specifications. Read more...
SEAM - EC-TEL 2010 SE@M 2010 Workshop Proceedings published
The Fourth International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Materials (SE@M’10) workshop was held on September 27-28, 2010 in conjunction with the Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL’10) in Barcelona, Spain. The workshop proceedings are now available. Read more...
D-Lib New article: Taming the Metadata Beast: ILOX
An article "Taming the Metadata Beast: ILOX" has been published in the D-Lib Magazine. The article proposes a framework for organizing multiple metadata specifications in a container that can be handled as a whole. This framework, named Information for Learning Object eXchange (ILOX), is developed as part of the IMS Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE) specification that aims to facilitate the discovery and retrieval of learning objects stored across more than one collection. Read more...
ASPECT and LRE workshop at EMINENT 2010 ASPECT and LRE workshop at EMINENT 2010
The "ASPECT and LRE: applying standards to support learning content interoperability and exchange" workshop took place at the EMINENT conference on 8 November in Copenhagen. The workshop was dedicated for the developments of the ASPECT project and European Schoolnet's different initiatives for Learning Resource Exchange (LRE). Read more...
SEAM - EC-TEL 2010 SE@M 2010 presentations available
SE@M 2010, the 4th International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Materials was held on 27-28 September 2010 in Barcelona in coordination with EC-TEL 2010. The presentations are now available at the ASPECT website. Read more...
Video interviews Teacher interviews at ASPECT Summer School
In May 2010, the ASPECT Summer School gathered 40 teachers from across Europe to learn about content packaging and integration of resources into learning platforms. We interviewed several teachers to know what they think about content standards, digital learning resources and using these in their day-to-day teaching. Find out here what they said! Read more...
Summer School Teachers and content packaging standards. Initial conclusions from the ASPECT evaluation
The ASPECT project has organised three teacher workshops for a group of 40 mathematics and science teachers from Belgium (Flanders), Lithuania, Romania and Portugal. All three workshops have combined straight-forward assignments with more free-browsing activities in order to obtain first-hand, direct feedback from the teachers. This article presents some of the preliminary findings of the third workshop held in Lisbon in May 2010. Read more...
Newsletter 2 ASPECT Newsletter 2
The second ASPECT Newsletter (June 2010) has been published.
> Teachers and content packaging standards
> ASPECT Awards
> ASPECT Webinars
> ASPECT LRE Technical & Semantic Interoperability Workshop
> SE@M’10 International Workshop
ASPECT Summer School 2010 ASPECT Summer School in Lisbon
During the ASPECT project’s Summer School on 8 May in Estoril (Portugal) over 40 teachers from Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania came together to discuss the use of online learning resources and learning content repositories in mathematics and science lessons. The aim of this Summer School was particularly to explore how learning content standards (such as SCORM and Common Cartridge) can be exploited by teachers and how different types of “content packaging” can add value to the learning experience. Read more...
Newsletter ASPECT Newsletter 1
The first ASPECT Newsletter (December 2009) has been published.
> Visit us at BETT 2010!
> ASPECT tools and services update
> New Look LTSO
> ASPECT workshops and plugfests in 2010.
ASPECT ASPECT Test System now available
ASPECT is providing a new set of tools and support services that will facilitate the interoperability of learning content. The first of these is the ASPECT Test System which allows you to test xml files for compliance with the Learning Resource Exchange Metadata Application Profile Version 4.0. Read more...
ASPECT IMS Global Learning Consortium and the ASPECT Project Announce Partnership
Memorandum of Understanding promises to enhance the cooperation in establishing best practice network for Common Cartridge and Learning Object Discovery and Exchange for the K-12 Schools segment. Read more...
2009 impact awards The Learning Resource Exchange wins an IMS Award at Learning Impact 2009!
European Schoolnet is pleased to announce that its Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) for schools received an IMS Learning Impact 2009 Leadership Award in Barcelona on 13 May in the category for Best Cross-National Solution Read more...

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