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Project Objectives

As a Best Practice Network, ASPECT successfully fulfilled its objectives.

ASPECT productively compared how a range of standards and specifications can be applied to a diverse range of learning resources from both commercial and public sector providers. In particular the project successfully:

  • Evaluated how the implementation of standards and specifications can enhance interoperability of educational resources and the systems that are used to develop, discover, transfer, and use that content.
  • Efficiently carried out practical implementations of a range of content standards and specifications considered to be of strategic importance for the school sector by ministries of education and commercial developers.
  • Demonstrated how to improve support for multilingualism in metadata.
  • Established the Learning Resource Exchange as an example of best practices for combining existing specifications into a complete solution that addresses the needs of the school community in Europe in terms of discovery, exchange, and reuse of learning resources.
  • Provided dissemination events that promoted consensus building and raised awareness related to standards for educational content and reached a larger and broader audience than originally envisioned at the start of the project.
  • Offered recommendations on how combined standards and specifications can be taken to scaled and adopted.
  • Helped shape the direction of standardization activities and outcomes by directly contributing to the development of nine new specifications.