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Associate Partners

ASPECT Benefits

Make content standards work for you by becoming an ASPECT Associate Partner and:

  • Participate in workshops, plugfests and webinars
  • Have direct access to LTSO experts through the "Ask the expert" section
  • Have priority to access ASPECT webinars
  • Learn how to use state-of-the-art technologies for developing, testing and playing digital content
  • Exploit the benefits of applying current standards (SCORM, Common Cartridge, LOM etc) and tools
  • Discover how teachers respond to new content standards
  • Have the support of an international community and standards' experts


ASPECT is working with a wide group of stakeholders. Organizations that have already joined ASPECT as an Associate Partner, attended ASPECT events or subscribed to the ASPECT newsletter include:

  • policy makers and technical staff in national Ministries of Education and
  • regional/municipal educational authorities
  • members of the standards' community
  • organisations building educational content repositories
  • commercial educational publishers
  • developers of both commercial content and open educational resources
  • tools' and learning platform developers and vendors

In 2010, the ASPECT dissemination activities will also be particularly seeking to engage with:

  • computer and ICT advisers in schools
  • libraries, museums, science centres and other organisations providing digital
  • resources to schools
  • educational broadcasters

Download the ASPECT Charter for Associate Partners here

Join ASPECT as an Associate Partner

Organisations and individuals can participate in ASPECT Best Practice Network events by becoming an ASPECT Associate Partner. Membership of ASPECT is open to any organisation or individual that is able to contribute to its primary mission of helping stakeholders to define and adopt best practice related to the application of standards and specifications for digital content used in schools.

There is no fee involved in order to join ASPECT or to participate in its online community but organisations and individuals are required to meet all their own costs involved in attending ASPECT events.

ASPECT is particularly interested in working with organisations and individuals that can take an active part in both ASPECT events and the ASPECT online community. It is hoped that as many Associate Partners as possible will be able to participate in the practical implementation of standards and specifications being explored in the project (using their own content) and, based on this experience, contribute to the development of best practice related to this activity.

In order to register as an Associate Partner and be able to attend ASPECT events, organisations and individuals are asked to complete a short application form indicating why they are interested in joining the network and any particular skills or expertise they can offer to the network and other ASPECT members.

Register and become an ASPECT Associate Partner here

The ASPECT project finished in March 2011. As part of the development plan for the Learning Resource Exchange service for schools, European Schoolnet will continue to organise workshops and seminars related to educational content standards and specifications. If you would like to be kept informed of these events, please feel free to register here.

List of Associate Partners

  1. Achievement / JES & Co. (USA)
  2. aDeNu research group, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia UNED (Spain)
  3. AEFE (Morocco)
  4. AEL Data (India)
  5. Aerypton bvb (Belgium)
  6. AL-Quds University, Jerusalem
  7. Amyas Phillips, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  8. An Najah University, Nablus
  9. Anca Cotfas, Grup Scolar Forestier  (Romania)
  10. Anguilla Community College (USA)
  11. Ascendia Design (Romania)
  12. Atlas of Diversity (Spain)
  13. Becta (UK)
  14. bon inburgering brussel (Belgium)
  15. BPS Bildungsportal (Germany)
  16. Bram Thiry, Agoria (Belgium)
  17. C.N. "Iulia Hasdeu" Lugoj (Romania)
  18. Casa Corpupui Didactic Mures  (Romania)
  19. Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies, Kumamoto University (Japan)
  20. Centre for Innovation in Education, TEHNE  (Romania)
  21. CEPDA (Spain)
  22. CERMAT, University of Education Karlsruhe (Germany)
  23. Colegiul National "Calistrat Hogas" (Romania)
  24. Colegiul Național "Gh. Asachi" Piatra Neamț (Romania)
  25. Colegiul National "Grigore Moisil" (Romania)
  26. Colegiul National "Stefan Velovan" (Romania)
  27. Colegiul National de Arte "Regina Maria" si Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Constanta  (Romania)
  28. Colegiul National Petru Rares Suceava (Romania)
  29. Colegiul Tehnic "Al.I.Cuza", Barlad, Vaslui (Romania)
  30. Colegiul Tehnic "Dorin Pavel" (Romania)
  31. Colegiul Tehnic "Henri Coanda" Timisoara (Romania)
  32. Colegiul Tehnic "Petru Rares" (Romania)
  33. Colegiul Tehnic "Stefan Banulescu"  (Romania)
  34. Cornelsen (Germany)
  35. Costa Rican Institute of Technology (Costa Rina)
  36. De la Salle University, Manila (Philippines)
  37. Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus (Greece)
  38. Diana Stefania Chebutiu, Liceul Pedagogic Mihai Eminescu, Targu-Mures (Romania)
  39. Dr Reza Assadi, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
  40. Dr. Walid Shatila, Beirut Arab University (Lebanon)
  41. Ecsite - the European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Belgium)
  42. EduBIT (Belgium)
  43. Education Services Australia (Australia)
  44. Educlick (Spain)
  45. EEPG - European Educational Publishers Group (Denmark)
  46. EFQUEL - European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning
  47. E-Learning and Examination Centre, Vilnius University, Latvia
  48. e-Learning Consortium Japan (Japan)
  49. E-Learning Unit, University of the Western Cape (South Africa)
  50. eLSACC, e-Learning Standards Advisory Council of Canada (Canada)
  51. EMPGI (Ireland)
  52. ENIS Austria (Austria)
  53. Epigeum (United Kingdom)
  54. Facultatea de Litere, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai Cluj (Romania)
  55. Farouk A Musa, Arab American University, Jenin
  56. FAVINOM Consultancies (Cyprus)
  57. Fikirevi (Turkey)
  58. Fraus Publishing (Czech Republic)
  59. Fundación SAFA (Spain)
  60. Gemma Berri, Liceo Regina Margherita, Palermo (Italy)
  61. George Paschalis (Greece)
  62. Gh. Sincai High School-Cluj (Romania)
  63. GILT - ISEP (Portugal)
  64. Giunti (Italy)
  65. Giunti Labs (Italy)
  66. Gr. Sc. "Gh. Duca" Constanta (Romania)
  67. Greek Research & Technology Network (Greece)
  68. Greet Langie, LESEC (Belgium)
  69. Group of Intelligent and Cooperative Systems (GSIC), University of Valladolid (Spain)
  70. Grup Scolar Agricol Odobesti (Romania)
  71. Grupal Scolar Industrial Tecuci (Romania)
  72. Grupul Scolar Ferdinand I (Romania)
  73. Grupul Scolar Industrial "1 Mai" Ploiesti (Romania)
  74. Grupul Scolar Industrial "Nicolae Iorga" (Romania)
  75. Grupul Scolar Industrial Transporturi Cai Ferate (Romania)
  76. GTI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
  77. GuGui, Lda (Portugal)
  78. Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS (Norway)
  79. Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS (Norway)
  80. Hachette Livre (France)
  81. Hanoi Medical University (Vietnam)
  82. Iacob Iolanda , Inspectoratul Scolar al Judetului Hunedoara (Romania)
  83. IMC (Germany)
  84. Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (India)
  85. Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Constanţa (Romania)
  86. Institute for Educational Technology, Italian Research Council (ITD-CNR) (Italy)
  87. Institute of Education, University of London (United Kingdom)
  88. Instituto Politecnico de Santarem- Escola Superior de Educação (Portugal)
  89. Interactiva (Venezuela)
  90. Intrallect Ltd. (UK)
  91. Ion Ghica, Economic High School  (Romania)
  92. ISG Arcus (Netherlands)
  93. Isotrol (Spain)
  94. Jaap Bosman E-Consult (The Netherlands)
  95. JISC CETIS (United Kingdom)
  96. Knowledge Markets Consulting (Austria)
  97. Kotoistus (Finland)
  98. Kutztown University (USA)
  99. Language Research Development Group (Canada)
  100. LaProf project - University of Jyväskylä (Finland)
  101. Learning & Teaching Scotland (UK)
  102. Leya (Portugal)
  103. Liceul cu Program Sportiv Braila (Romania)
  104. Liceul Teologic Baptist "Alexa Popovici" Arad (Romania)
  105. Liceul Teoretic "Bogdan-Voda", Viseu de Sus, Maramures (Romania)
  106. Liceul Teoretic "Diaconovici-Tietz" Resita  (Romania)
  107. Liceul Teoretic "Eugen Lovinescu" (Romania)
  108. Liceul Teoretic "Grigore Moisil Tulcea" (Romania)
  109. Liceul Teoretic "Grigore Tocilescu" (Romania)
  110. Liceul Teoretic "Traian Deva" (Romania)
  111. Massey University (New Zealand)
  112. Maximise ICT Ltd (United Kingdom)
  113. mEducator (eContentplus Project) (Greece)
  114. Microsoft (Belgium)
  115. Middlesex County College (USA)
  116. Mircea Blidaru, G.S.E.A.S.  Calimanesti (Romania)
  117. Mladinska knjiga, Educational Publishing (Slovenia)
  118. ModernLearning GmbH (Germany)
  119. Moise Rodica, Liceul Teoretic German "Johann Ettinger" Satu Mare (Romania)
  120. Multimedia Design and Technology Education (UK)
  121. Multimedia Ventures (UK)
  122. Municipality School Patong (Thailand)
  123. Muresanu Camelia , Liceul Teorectic "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Snagov (Romania)
  124. NAS GO (Belgium)
  125. National Economic College (Romania)
  126. NiBiS im Niedersaechsischen Landesinstitut fuer schulische Qualitaetsentwicklung (Germany)
  127. Nisteriuc Laurentia Mihaela, Filadelfia Christian School (Romania)
  128. North West Learning Grid (UK)
  129. OER Africa (South Africa)
  130. Ofir Ltd. (Croatia)
  131. Open University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  132. Open University of Japan, Center of ICT and Distance Education (Japan)
  133. OpenScout project (Finland)
  134. OpenVES (USA)
  135. Organic.Edunet (Greece)
  136. Palo Alto University (USA)
  137. Pearson Education EMEA (UK)
  138. Pearson France
  139. Pedro Rivera, New Mexico State University (USA)
  140. Pilar Laguna, University of Zaragoza (Spain)
  141. Pinteala Mihai, Grupul Scolar "Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt" Vorona, Botoşani (Romania)
  142. Playlane (Belgium)
  143. Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (Portugal)
  144. Proyecto SACAP, Instituto Universitario Aeronautico (Argentina)
  145. Questionmark (UK)
  146. R&D Laboratory "e-Learning Technologies and Standards", Technical University, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  147. RACTI - Greek Ministry of Education (Greece)
  148. (Spain)
  149. RM Lightbox (UK)
  150. Rustici Software (USA)
  151. Sabau Angelica Zvetlana, teacher, Arad (Romania)
  152. SALTIS (UK)
  153. School Group "Capitan Nicolae Plesoianu" (Romania)
  154. School Group Cserey-Goga (Romania)
  155. SCRAN (UK)
  156. Share.TEC (Europe)
  157. SIF (Systems Interoperability Framework) Association (USA)
  158. SMART Technologies (UK)
  159. Soft Edu (Romania)
  160. Southern University and A&M College (USA)
  161. Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
  162. Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities (Sweden)
  163. Stockholm University (Sweden)
  164. Supelec (France)
  165. Tallinn University, Centre for Educational Technology (Estonia)
  166. Technical College "Apulum" (Romania)
  167. Technical highschool "Alexandru Domsa"  (Romania)
  168. Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
  169. TEKRI, Athabasca University (Canada)
  170. Texas State University-San Marcos (USA)
  171. Transilvania University of Brasov (Romania)
  172. Turning Technologies (USA)
  173. Turtle Rattle Learning Inc. (USA)
  174. Ulianovask Technical University (Romania)
  175. UNED (Spain)
  176. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  177. Universidad EAN (Colombia)
  178. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (Honduras)
  179. Universidad Panamericana (Mexico)
  180. Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (Costa Rica)
  181. University College Dublin (Ireland)
  182. University of Almería (Spain)
  183. University of Cauca (Colombia)
  184. University of Hargeisa (Somalia)
  185. University of Maine at Augusta (USA)
  186. University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  187. University of Punjab (Pakistan)
  188. University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Bulgaria)
  189. Vantaggio Ltd (UK)
  190. Veerle Meuleman, Lessius Mechelen (Belgium)
  191. Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) (Austria)
  192. (Belgium)
  193. Vitrine Technologie-Education (Canada)
  194. Vivid Interactive (UK)
  195. Vocational School Anghel Saligny  (Romania)
  196. VVKSO - Vlaams Verbond van het Katholiek Secundair Onderwijs (Belgim)
  197. XTEC (Spain)
  198. Zentrum für Medien - Landesinstitut für Schule (Germany)
  199. Zimmethausen school (Romania)
  200. Zsuzsa Tar, Educational Authority (Hungary)