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International workshops/conferences

Strategic Seminar on Educational Publishing Futures
17-18 February 2011, Brussels, Belgium
Over two days, this strategic seminar provided a platform where Ministries of Education, publishers and ICT vendors could discuss the future of educational publishing and digital content for schools. The seminar presentations are now available.

ASPECT at Portuguese as a Foreign Language
27 January 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
The main objective of this event was to make known to a wider public 120 learning resources created as part of the Portuguese participation in the ASPECT project. Its expected outcomes were: a better understanding of what ASPECT is about, a clearer picture of the role played by PFL in the National Curriculum, and the actual use of the 120 resources which can be accessed at the Schools Portal.

21 January 2011, Budapest, Hungary
The presentation by Attila Főző in Public Education in Focus – Forum for Educators (a satellite event of Educatio 2011) gave an overview of the ASPECT project and its aims and activities. The presentation was focused on the Common Cartridge as a standard that can be used by schools when they are collecting materials from the Learning Resource Exchange.

Plugfest "Building Interoperability across Metadata Application Profiles"
18 January 2011, Brussels, Belgium
The ASPECT Best Practice Network organised a one-day plugfest on 18 January 2011 in Brussels for metadata specialists and developers working with educational content providers. The objective of this plugfest was to bring together technical teams to explore issues and techniques related to the conversion of one application profile to another.

12-15 January 2011, London, UK
The BETT Show in London in January each year is the largest event of its kind in Europe and provides an important opportunity to present project results although, given the number of competing workshops and seminars, it is very difficult to attract delegates to any event that lasts longer than 1-2 hours. With YDP, EUN also produced a stand alone ASPECT presentation that was run at regular intervals on a large screen on the YDP stand in the exhibition. A copy of this presentation can be accessed on the project web site

National workshops/conferences

Standards for Digital Learning Resources workshops
21-22 February 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark
The targeted audience included: publishers and content producers registered on Materialeplatformen, the Danish national repository for learning resources; and the user group of the Danish national repository for learning resources.

French National Workshop
10 February 2011, Paris, France
The CNDP and the Ministry of Education (DGESCO – Direction Générale de l’Enseignement Scolaire) organised this workshop to present the work done within the ASPECT project and to exchange on the implementation of the ScoLOMFR application profile in France, recommended to describe the contents for the school level. This work explained that many educational resources are available in the institutions, but they are not always visible because they are not well referenced; and how the educational technologies standards can help the different stakeholders to give access, to discover, and to use the contents. Interoperability issues were highlighted.

Second Portuguese National Workshop
February 2011, Lisbon, Portugal

SIVECO Local Dissemination Workshop
28 January 2011, Bucharest, Romania
This seminar was organised to disseminate the project results and was focused in introducing the LRE to the representative of different of organisations that act in the educational field.

Standardised Content for Learning Management Systems
26-27 January 2011, Grünward, Germany
This event was aimed at: presenting and promoting the ASPECT project in order to make the results well known to the participants from all the states in Germany; and discussing with the group the possibilities to set and maintain standards concerning metadata and content packaging in education throughout Germany.

ASPECT Plugfest
26 January 2011, Ghent, Belgium
This ASPECT Plugfest was held on 26th January 2011 in Belgium. The ASPECT partner involved in the organisation of this event is EDUC.This plugfest was aimed at: disseminating the ASPECT project and the expertise gained by EduCentrum in connecting databases, providing an overview of educational metadata standards, and discussing about possible connection between different databases.


International workshops/conferences

ASPECT Webinars: making sense of learning technology standards
May - December 2010
A series of webinars has been provided by the ASPECT Best Practice Network to promote the adoption of learning technology standards by publishers, content/tools' developers and educational institutions. A total of seven webinars were organised from May to December 2010. The recorded webinar sessions can be watched at the ASPECT website.

ASPECT at Sulinetwork 2010
2-4 December 2010, Debrecen, Hungary
Attila Főző organized a special session entitled: Innovation and Collaboration – and ASPECT as a part of the plenary session of the annual Sulinetwork conference. On the third day of the conference teachers and school principals attended a workshop entitled: Walking in the Network – ASPECT project. The aims of the ASPECT project were presented in both these sessions with a particular focus on the need for stardards-based content in education and the LRE. The use of Common Cartridge was demonstrated by using/downloading Hungarian content from the LRE and importing it into Moodle.

Vocabulary Bank for Education Dissemination Event
26 November 2010, London, UK
The Vocabulary Bank for Education (VBE) provides a range of multilingual, controlled lists relevant to learning in the EU, including those that are used to validate metadata profiles and a thesaurus used to describe educational topics. To support dissemination of the VBE a one-day event will take place on Friday 26th November in London from 10:00 to 16:00.

25 November 2010, Paris, France
The title of the ASPECT Conference at EDUCATICE 2010 was: Quelle harmonisation pour la description et la mutualisation des resources pedagogiques en ligne dans l’enseignement scolaire? This ASPECT event discussed the following topics: The compatibility of ScoLOMFR with LOM, and how are pedagogical aspects taken into account? The speakers were Marie-Christine Milot, from the French Ministry of Education, and Rosa María Gómez de Regil, from Scéren-CNDP.

8 November 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark
Organised in the framework of EMINENT Annual conference, the workshop "ASPECT and LRE: applying standards to support learning content interoperability and exchange" was dedicated for the developments of the ASPECT project and European Schoolnet's different initiatives for Learning Resource Exchange (LRE). The speakers were David Massart, Dr. Agueda Gras-Velazquez, and Jim Ayre from the European Schoolnet; Lars Ingesman from UNI-C; and Dini Golder from JES & CO.

ASPECT at EdReNe 2010
6-7 October 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark
An ASPECT Special Session was include as part of the EdReNe seminar (Thematic Network of educational content repositories). This seminar presented and discussed EdReNe’s recommendations and experiences on repository strategies, the engagement of users and producers, relevant standards to ensure interoperability, and handling of intellectual property rights.

An ASPECT briefing at the Frankfurt Book Fair
7 October 2010, Frankfurt, Germany
ASPECT project will take part in the annual Frankfurt Book Fair that takes this year place on 6-10 October. The ASPECT briefing "Making Learning Content Standards Work for You!" hosted by Young Digital Planet will be organised on 7 October and is open to all participants.

Fourth International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Materials (SE@M’10)
27-28 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain
The main goal of this international workshop was to offer a forum where researchers and practitioners discussed theoretical aspects, open issues, and innovative approaches and shared the latest advances in the state of the art and practices for exchanging and describing learning content. SE@M 2010 was organized in coordination with EC-TEL 2010.

ASPECT workshop at CoLoS Summer School
28-30 June 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The ASPECT project and its findings were presented in Slovenia on 28 June 2010 in the framework of CoLoS Summer School, which is a traditional event for teachers in Slovenia. The Summer School lasted for 3 days, first day being dedicated to the ASPECT Workshop. The presentations were recorded and are now available online.

ASPECT LRE Technical & Semantic Interoperability Workshop
15-16 June 2010, Brussels, Belgium
The European Schoolnet Learning Resource Exchange and the ASPECT Best Practice Network are inviting all interested parties to a two-day workshop at the EUN Office in Brussels on 15 and 16 June 2010.

ASPECT International workshop for teachers
7-8 May 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
Over 40 teachers from Belgium, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal will participate in the ASPECT project's International workshop in Lisbon on 7-8 May to discuss the use of learning resources and learning content repositories in maths and science lessons.

13 January 2010, London, UK
BETT Show 2010: London on 13 January 2010, 14.00-16.00. The ASPECT Best Practice Network is organising a workshop during the BETT Show in London on 13 January 2010 to explore the benefits of learning technology standards for discovering, creating, packaging, sharing and using educational content.

National workshops/conferences

Making Learning Technology Standards Workshop
8 March 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
This workshop was aimed to help participants to: Understand how existing and emerging standards and specifications can best be applied to content aimed at schools; learn how standards can add value to your own content; and hear how teachers respond to content standards such as SCORM and IMS Common Cartridge.

GLIS Dissemination Event for High School Teachers
22 February 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland
The objectives of this activity were: Awareness raising, network building, user involvement, and motivation; and presenting Open Educational resources in central Finland via repositories, browsing the LRE portal.


International workshops/conferences

Content Packaging and Content Use workshop
16 November 2009, Århus, Denmark
The overall aim of the workshop was to contribute to summary guidelines on the appropriate use of the various content packaging standards.This workhop was targeted at teachers both with technical backgrounds and without technical backgrounds but who were interested in pedagogy. The workshop exposed the differences between SCORM and Common Cartridge.

ASPECT briefing at the BETT Show 2009
14 January 2009, London, UK
At the BETT Show in London, a briefing on learning content standards and specifications has been organised by ASPECT and Cambridge University Press (CUP) which will begin by explaining how the Global Grid for Learning from CUP is participating in the project. The aim is particularly to outline how ASPECT is developing best practice approaches to implementing Digital Rights Management, open licensing schemes such as Creative Commons and content standards such as SCORM and the new Common Cartridge specification.

National workshops/conferences

Romanian National Workshop
31 October 2009, Bucharest, Romania
The workshop was organized for teachers of different levels (primary, secondary, high school and college) and it had two major direction of interest: 1) To find out from where and how the teachers select their digital resources. 2) To present the LRE in order to introduce a new concept that of the educational resources portal.

Lithuanian National Workshop
24 October 2009, Vilnius, Lithuania
This event was aimed at:
• Helping teachers to understand the use of standards and specifications for learning technologies.
• Providing good reasons for using learning technologies to enhance traditional courses in shools.
• Presenting the research that has been undertaken in ASPECT.
• Providing guidance on the use of the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) for Schools.

First Portuguese National Workshop
10 October 2009, Lisbon, Portugal
This workshop aimed at:
• Providing reasons to use resources that can be found in the web to enhance lessons.
• Explaining how the Learning Resouce Exchange (LRE) works.
• Gathering opinions/suggestions on the functioning of the LRE.

Belgian National Workshop
3 October 2009, Gent, Belgium
This event was aimed at:
• Providing Belgian teachers with some explanations on the use of learning technology standards and specifications in educational scenarios.
• Promoting the use of open educational resources to enhance the teaching/learning process.
• Presenting the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) for Schools.
• Gathering feedback from teachers on the usage of ASPECT’s toolset.

GLIS Dissemination Workshop
24 February 2009, Jyväskylä, Finland
The Global Information System (GLIS) Dissemination Workshop was held in Jyväskylä (Finland) on 24th February 2009. This event was attended by teachers from the University of Jyväskylä, teacher trainees from the University of Jyäskylä, and teachers from schools around the central Finland. The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness of the LRE portal and introduce Open Educational Content in the field of Science for teacher and teacher trainees attending the Teacher Training Courses in the University of Jyväskylä.