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ASPECT briefing at the BETT Show, London, 14 January 2009

At the BETT Show in London, a briefing on learning content standards and specifications has been organised by ASPECT and Cambridge University Press (CUP) which will begin by explaining how the Global Grid for Learning from CUP is participating in the project. The aim is particularly to outline how ASPECT is developing best practice approaches to implementing Digital Rights Management, open licensing schemes such as Creative Commons and content standards such as SCORM and the new Common Cartridge specification.

During the briefing we will also explain how publishers, content developers and tools/platform providers can benefit from ASPECT support services that will include: a LOR registry; Vocabulary Bank for Education; Application Profile registry; automatic translation service for LOM and content packaging formats; compliance testing; transformer services; and access to known interoperability issues.

Download further details here

Download presentations:

  • ASPECT presentation .ppt
  • University of Cambridge / Global Grid for Learning: AGFL Aspect Presentation .pdf
  • Jim Ayre: an overview of ASPECT and EUN .ppt
  • Jim Ayre: an overview of the Learning resources Exchange (LRE) .ppt