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The Learning Technology Observatory (LTSO)

Development and R&D projects exploring the issues in this area

There is widespread confusion and misunderstanding about the relationships between the relevant standards and specifications, as well as between the organisations that develop, define, profile or implement them. This was the rationale for the establishment of the Learning Technology Standards Observatory (LTSO), an accessible and sustainable web based repository that acts as a focal access point to projects, results, activities and organisations that are relevant to the development and adoption of LT standards.

The LTSO is an active online tool with nearly one million visits so far recorded, hundreds of news and events published and different sections providing up-to-date information on the a wide range of LT standardization areas. EUN and the University of Vigo used and contributed to the LTSO within the LIFE project framework.

The ASPECT project will similarly use the LTSO as one of the main tools to disseminate information and publish its outcomes and results.