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ASPECT Strategic Seminar on Educational Publishing Futures - 17-18 Feb 2011

ASPECT conference 18-17 Feb 2011

Over two days, this strategic seminar provided a platform where Ministries of Education, publishers and ICT vendors could discuss the future of educational publishing and digital content for schools.

Among others, the following issues were discussed:

  • How professionally developed learning materials for schools and open educational resources can co-exist.
  • How the market for eTextbooks and educational apps in schools is developing now that tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices are becoming mainstream.
  • How ministries are supporting the Interactive Whiteboard common file format in response to the growing demand for interoperable IWB resources.
  • How stakeholders have applied the new IMS Common Cartridge specification to K-12 content and tested these resources with teachers.
  • How tools and services from the ASPECT project enable content developers to improve the metadata of their resources and make their content more easily discoverable.
  • How publishers and content developers can participate in the European Schoolnet Learning Resource Exchange for schools.


Download the agenda (PDF)

Download the conference report (PDF)


17 February 2011

18 February 2011

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