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Examples of ASPECT Results and Achievements

ASPECT Summer School 2010

After thirty-two months of intensive work the ASPECT project ended in April 2011. We provide here some examples of results and achievements of the ASPECT technical work packages (i.e., work packages 2, 3, and 5).

  • WP2: Application Profile Registry
    The Application Profile Registry (APR) describes the metadata application profiles used to describe learning resources managed in different learning object repositories. The APR allows ‘core standards’ such as IEEE LOM to be defined in terms of the elements within the standard’s published data model. It also provides links to externally-held and authoritative documents such as schemas for technology bindings, specifications and guidance. The APR is available at the following URL:
  • WP3: Vocabulary Manager
    The Vocabulary Manager is a tool for inserting vocabularies into users’ application profiles. It was developed at the University of Koblenz, Knowledge Media Institute (IWM). The Vocabulary Manager allows a user to insert vocabularies that are located on his/her hard disk, available via the ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education or available via a web page link. The Vocabulary Manager is published under a Creative Commons License.
  • WP5: Working with IMS Common Cartridge
    When the ASPECT project started, many content providers were particularly interested in exploring the possibilities and restrictions of IMS Common Cartridge 1.0 that was a new specification for most of them at that time. This section summarizes their experience with its implementation.

A full description of results for each work package can be found in online version of the work package deliverables.

Read also ASPECT project's Recommendations, Best Practices and solutions to known interoperability issues.