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D3.5 Best practice report for content use v2.0


This deliverable provides an update on Deliverable 3.1 “Best practice report for content use”, (February 2009) that included an introduction to content specifications and standards and outlined WP3 and WP5 joint working. In section 1 of this deliverable, we first provide an update on Common Cartridge and SCORM together with a summary of the progress made on the approach to LRE access controls.

Section 2 shows how content providers have started to work with content packing standards over the last year and how they have gained important new experience as a result of using SCORM and Common Cartridge. This section also reports on why some content partners do not feel that either SCORM or Common Cartridge is relevant for their content strategy.

Section 3 reports on how WP3 and WP5 partners have worked together to produce a small content ‘showcase’ containing both SCORM packages and Common Cartridges in order to demonstrate the added value that can be achieved by using the specific features provided by those specifications.

Section 4 provides an overview of Microsoft’s new Semblio authoring tool. The tools is a user-friendly tool to create Common Cartridges.

Download the full report (PDF)