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D3.6 IMS CC & SCORM Demonstrator v2.0


Deliverable D3.6 provides an overview of further tools for creating content packages in different formats such as SCORM or Common Cartridge. These content packages must be validated and tested before they can be used for education. Because ASPECT is a Best Practice Network, tool development was not initially intended by WP3. The main part of this workpackage was the evaluation of existing tools for every step of creating content packages.

Section 2 updates the information about SCORM and Common Cartridge tools presented in deliverable 3.3. The new commercial authoring tool Soft Chalk is introduced and the editor function of the LMS Tutor is described. A German tool for creating QTI tests and questionnaires has now been translated into English, so that content providers can use it.

Section 3 covers import and export into the learning management systems ATutor and Moodle. While working with ASPECT teachers, some experience has been gained with importing Common Cartridges in Moodle.

A key part of this deliverable is section 4 which looks at new tools developed by the University of Koblenz, Knowledge Media Institute. The new IMS Common Cartridge web based validator is introduced. Deliverable 3.3 described the Rustici Software TestTrack to test SCORM packages. This software has now been extended to include a workspace for playing SCORM packages which is a part of the player section 5.

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