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D5.2 A critical mass of content to which a set of preferred standards and specifications have been applied


Deliverable D5.2 – A Critical Mass of Content (at least 200 SCORM packages in Maths, Science and Technology) To Which The Common Cartridge Specification Has Been Applied – is a ’status deliverable’, the purpose of which is to describe the status of our work with the Common Cartridge specification.

Our work on content packaging has been following several tracks so far. Most of the content providers have been involved in the automatic conversion of existing SCORM packages into Common Cartridge format by means of the converter utility SCORM2CC. Some have also produced new packages in order to get a better understanding of the possibilities of learning resources based on the Common Cartridge specification. Still others have or are in the process of developing ways of producing Common Cartridge packages as part of their standard work flow.

Download the full report (PDF)