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D5.4 Release 2 of the integrated system


Deliverable D5.4 provides an overview of the integrated system that has been developed as part of the ASPECT project.

The integrated system is broken down into a sequence of processes related to specific stages in the following value chain: creating and validating packaged content; applying metadata specifications to content; making resources available through the harvesting process; and finally, searching and using resources.

In the first part on creating packaged content, we describe the key processes involved in using specifications for content packaging using the IMS Common Cartridge specification as our key example. We look at the tools and processes involved in packaging content and stress the importance of testing packages for compliance with the specification used, and finally we look at one of the tools that have been made available for runtime testing of packages as part of the ASPECT project.

In the section on metadata, we focus on the tools and processes set up to ensure ease of implementation as well as compliance with metadata standards and specifications. The two major tools we look at are the ARIADNE Validation service and the ASPECT Test System.

In the third section we look at what could be described as the core of our integrated system. Here we integrate a wide variety of essential tools and services in a complex, almost completely automated process of harvesting, validating, converting, translating and enriching metadata. We look at the workflow involved and the roles played by various elements of the
integrated system.

In the fourth section, we illustrate the tools integration we have carried out to make life easier for the end-user. We illustrate the way in which Icodeon tools have been integrated into the LRE to allow users to run SCORM and Common Cartridge packages directly from the LRE search results page. We also describe another kind of integration where LRE search functionality is accessed directly from within a Moodle LMS. And we show how Common Cartridge packages found through the LRE search interface can be imported directly into a Moodle course and rearranged to suit the purposes of a specific lesson plan.

Download the full report (PDF)

Part of D5.4: Common Cartridge tutorial


Producing learning resources packaged in the Common Cartridge format can be done in a number of ways. In the current tutorial I will be using a simple drag-n-drop tool called the Common Cartridge Builder that can be downloaded from Learning Components website:

Download the full report (PDF)