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D6.3 Report on summer school


Deliverable D6.3 presents the ASPECT summer school that took place in Lisbon in May 2010.

This third and final teacher workshop organized by the ASPECT project gathered together 44 teachers from Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania. The primary objective of this summer school was to explore how learning content standards, such as SCORM and Common Cartridge, can be exploited by teachers and how different types of “content packaging” can add value to the learning experience.

The workshop was organised around three main tests, each of which was followed by teachers completing a questionnaire and being involved in open discussion. All three tests were designed to serve both as a basic training on the use/features of different types of packaged content while, at the same time, obtaining teachers’ reactions with regard to their interest in content packaging and the usefulness and ease of use of content packages in their everyday teaching.

The first test collected feedback from teachers with regard to various types of packaged content; the second addressed the issue of digital credits; and the third allowed teachers to explore in greater depth the functionality and benefits of two packaging formats (SCORM and Common Cartridge).

The full results of this third ASPECT workshop will be presented along with the results of the two preceding ones in a final validation report in November 2010. The summary provided in this deliverable contains some preliminary suggestions and initial results.

Download the full report (PDF)