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D6.5 Final Report on the Experimentation


During the ASPECT project, a series of experiments were organized with teachers from four countries to solicit their opinions as end-users of content packaging, search features and mechanisms developed in the ASPECT project. Four advanced teachers (considered focus group teachers) from Belgium (Flanders), Lithuania, Portugal and Romania and ten/eleven teachers with lower levels of ICT competence from each of the same countries were selected and three workshops were organized. Teachers’ responses were elicited to better understand whether and to what extent standards and specifications enhance user experiences in crossborder discovery, exchange, use and repurposing of learning resources. This deliverable describes the experiments carried out and presents materials used to elicit user feedback. The data gathered from these experiments are presented in the “National Validation Reports” (deliverable D6.4), whereas the conclusion drawn from this work is presented in a dedicated section of the “Final Evaluation Report” (deliverable D7.3.2).

Download the full report (PDF)