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D2.3 ASPECT Approach To Multilingual Vocabularies, Including Automated Translation Services

Summary: This deliverable describes the Vocabulary Management Group’s (VMG) contribution to the selection of appropriate formats for representing vocabularies in the ASPECT project. The main focus is on the suitability of the formats for supporting interoperability between the controlled vocabularies themselves and in the systems that utilize them for classification, indexing and retrieval purposes. Of particular interest, is the manner in which these formats support and enhance multilinguality within and between vocabularies and semantic interoperability in general. The document includes an analysis of the following formats: XVD, Zthes, CEF, VDEX, SKOS, XTM and DD8723 part 5.

This deliverable also introduces the ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education (VBE). It is defined as a repository in which multilingual terms and vocabularies can be published and disseminated. The VBE is described as a Web application that will enable participants to search or browse vocabularies to determine information about individual terms, their relationships and their context, and to create new mappings between terms. It will also facilitate import and export of vocabularies in a range of standard exchange formats. In addition, it will manage and retain all historical information relating to terms and vocabularies and their revisions.