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D3.1 Best Practice Report for Content Use

Summary: This deliverable includes a review of standards and specifications for content use and the results of a survey about them. The document initially provides an overview of eLearning-specific activities related to content use in standardisation organizations. A section on application profiling describes possibilities that are available to adapt specifications and standards from these organisations to the needs of particular communities such as, for example, schools in Europe.

The document describes the basic features of SCORM 2004, Common Cartridge and QTI as well as their current status, level of acceptance, tool support, known issues and future developments. These specifications have been selected since they are the ones which are currently most used in practice. Despite the popularity of these specifications, many organisations also currently use some proprietary formats for distributing content. Reasons for this situation are explored in a survey of 16 ASPECT content partners and the results are presented in Section 5. A section on Digital Rights Management (DRM) explains the LRE approach to DRM that will be further pursued.

The evaluated use of specifications in the ASPECT consortium and results of two content audit surveys show the current state of the art. Details of the survey results are included in an Appendix. The document concludes with a summary and recommendations for further work.