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D3.2.1 Conformance Testing Tools

Summary: This document is about testing the conformance of data with respect to profiles of specifications.

The basics of data conformance testing are described in the first Section. This includes an introduction to profiling possibilities, to application profiles and domain profiles.

The following major part explains how the LRE Metadata Domain Profile has been encoded in a machine-readable form. This profile is used by the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) and by work packages 2 and 5 of the ASPECT project. The value of this encoding is that it enables ASPECT to create a conformance testing tool that is specifically built for this profile. This takes up a development initiated by the earlier TELCERT project (IST-507128) under the European Union’s Framework Programme 6.

The use of the test system is then described. Finally, a number of test systems are described for other specifications. These include: Rustici Software’s “TestTrack” for SCORM content packages; the IMS Common Cartridge testing tool; and the ADL Test Suite.