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D4.1 Dissemination Plan & Communication Handbook

Summary: The purpose of this document is to present a Dissemination and Communication Strategy for the ASPECT project to ensure maximum impact of the project during its life span and sustainable benefits to the eLearning standards’ community and its stakeholders after the project is ended. It also addresses the collaboration with other learning standards’ initiatives and projects, such as iCOPER.

This document, details the activities to be carried out in the framework of a dissemination strategy, the responsibilities to be undertaken by project partners, the main dissemination instruments (project web site, LTSO, workshops, plugfests, newsletters and an ASPECT award) and the ongoing evaluation of the progress and results of such activities. The document also outlines principles for communication within the ASPECT project and between members of a Best Practice Network (BPN) in the context of standardisation.

The dissemination plan is a working tool that reflects the approach and activities outlined in the project’s Description of Work. It will be enriched by the input and achievements of all partners and be reviewed and updated at regular intervals (every six months). The Interim project report and Final report will specify the actions carried out during the project life cycle.