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D3.3 IMS CC & SCORM Demonstrator v1.0


The ASPECT best practice network supports content providers interested in packaging content using open specifications, which ensure compatibility and reusability of the content packages.

The demonstrator, described in this document, has been developed to help content providers select and use appropriate tools for all parts of the content package lifecycle - packaging, validation and content rendering. The demonstrator consists of a web-based portal describing a range of tools.

Common tasks for the use of open content packaging specifications are described in section 2. Comparing these tasks with the actual situations faced by each content provider will help these organizations to select the right specification for each purpose as well as the right tools for the intended user group. Section 3 of the document then describes some freely available authoring tools for creating content packages. Section 4 and 5 respectively deal with validation tools and players.

Download the full report (PDF)