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Converting Problems

Problem: Converted CC packages do not work properly on the ICODEON platform
Solution: According to the SCORM specification, all files in a Content Package must be referenced in the file imsmanifest.xml. If SCORM packages are not conformant in this respect, the cartridges obtained by conversion shall be incorrect as well. Running the converted cartridge through the IMS Common Cartridge Test Tool will report missing or misspelled references. These should be corrected in the imsmanifest.xml of the SCORM package and the conversion should be re-done.

IMS Test Systems

Problem: It is reported that some schemas, e.g. xml.xsd, could not be found
Solution: This indicates a problem with the local internet connection. If this is a permanent problem, the internet access of the tool may need to be configured to use a specific port permitted by the local system administrator.

Problem: An XML file is reported to be invalid, though another validator claims it to be correct
Solution: Some XML producing software puts additional invisible characters, so called Byte Order Marks, before the first opening tag. These characters must be removed.

Problem: The system blocks
Solution: The report directory should not contain the program directory if it is to be cleared at startup.

Problems with tools

Problem: MIR - After a registration, no actions are possible for a user
Solution: The administrator has to set a role for a registered user. After choosing one of the roles (student, instructor, administrator) the user is able to work with the tool.

Problem: Some partners do not understand the way to work with RELOAD
Solution: The RELOAD Editor has several templates. Opening one of these templates and filling it with a users own resources helps users to understand what happens if content packages are created with this editor.